Keen to combat the appearance of wrinkles, there is a growing trend of women getting injections in their hands to make them smooth.

Celebrity Body Fixer star Dr Esho revealed that more and more clients are asking for the treatment to rejuvenate their look.

Speaking to the Sun Online, he said: “There was originally just a focus on the face – but now many people have become concerned with looking fresh and young in the face but older and aged in the hand and neck and therefore now treat these areas in conjunction with the face to give a full overall rejuvenated look.”

He explained that over time, the skin on our hands ages and we start to lose collagen, elastin and subcutaneous fat under the skin.

Dr Esho added: “Also as one of the most exposed areas of skin the overlying skin can become prone to sun damage.

“By injecting fillers in specific areas of hand we can help replace loss volume and there reduce sagging, smooth wrinkles and reduce the guttered or skeletal appearance gained from subcutaneous fat loss.”

The healthcare professional advised that there are two ways of getting hand fillers.

With the first, topical anaesthetic is first placed on the backs of the hands and then the hands are cleaned with an aseptic technique.

Using either a needle or cannula dermal filler is injected in small amounts underneath the skin into areas between tendons where guttering / volume loss is noted.

The product is then massaged across the hand to ensure smooth and even placement.

Depending on the product used, the effects can last on average between six to nine months.

Newer techniques use a specific form of hyaluronic acid called Profhilo, which stimulates the area to produce more collagen but also improves the quality of the overlying skin.

The product is injected superficially into the skin at the back of the hand at specific points called BAP (bio active points).

How can you make sure you get hand fillers done safely?

A second set of the same injections are done 30 days after.

Over the days and weeks to follow the quality of the skin at the back of the hand improves and also improvement is also noted and effects can last up to a year.

Prices depend on the practitioner, but can cost from £1,545 to £2,317.

It is always advisable that you book a consultation in advance and meet with your practitioner.

Be sure to ask them how many procedures they have performed, how long they have been treating and whether they have before and after images available.

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