Pretty Little Thing are now selling HIGH VIS jackets as a fashion item – and people really aren't sure

The online retailer has listed a HIGH VIS as a legitimate 'statement jacket' – and people really aren't sure what to make of it.

  • Neon Yellow High Vis Coat, Pretty Little Thing, £45, buy now

For £45 you can grab yourself a neon yellow reflective jacket.

It will help you rock your inner lollipop lady, project manager or land surveyor.

Although a practical hi-vis jacket is available from Screwfix for just £20.

Pretty Little Thing says the the stand-out item has 'florescent yellow high vis material with reflective panels, hood and oversized fit'.

They claim it's the perfect jacket for festival season and suggest styling it with grey cycling shorts and reflective boots to finish off the look.

But Pretty Little Thing fans are far from convinced.

On Twitter Tia says: "Yeah the only time I'm buying a £45 hi-vis jacket from pretty little thing is if when I put it on I can instantly build a yard from scratch.

"What were the thinking this is not a look."

While the look will certainly make you stand out from the crowd, it's not one we're totally convinced by.

This isn't the only barmy bit of clothing that PLT have recently launched, as their see-though plastic trousers also sent fans crazy…

And the retailer is also selling a dress that is part frock, part bikini.

Not only that, there's an 'extreme nude' sequin dress available on the site – but you can't wear bra OR knickers with it.

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