Primark are selling Friends make-up bags including a ‘we were on a break’ design… and they’re just £4

We're also still brimming with joy that he did indeed turn out to be her lobster.

While the show is now technically pretty old, it is still adored and watched the world-over.

So you can imagine our joy when Primark started selling Friends-themed make-up bags.

One has the famous line 'we were on a break' embroidered across it.

It of course refers to the time Ross slept with the photocopying girl, Chloe, while still with Rachel – and everyone recoiled in horror.


And the Friends nostalgia doesn't end there.

With a Central Perk coffee shop themed option and one that reads 'you're my lobster', we're pivoting straight back to the high street store right now to bag one, or probably all three.

The best news about the designs is they'll set you back just £4.

Could we BE any more excited about it?

The answer is of course no.

As Primark fans know, you cannot buy the collection online, so if you're keen to bag yourself one of these designs, you'll need to head to your nearest store.

But hurry, they're unlikely to hang around long.

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