Queen’s ex-aide slams Meghan Markle’s baby photo call as ‘too stage managed’ on Good Morning Britain

THE Queen's former aide has slammed Meghan Markle and Prince Harry for "ultra stage-managing" Baby Sussex's birth announcement.

From the announcement Meghan had gone into labour, which came hours after Archie was born, to Harry's TV appearance on Monday and yesterday's photo call – Dickie Arbiter says it's a bit OTT, even by royal standards.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Dickie said: "There had been a certain amount of secrecy and stage management".

When Susanna Reid replied: "A certain amount? It was a huge amount. A huge amount of control", Dickie said: "I'm being generous, economical."

Ben Shepherd asked: "Aren't they all stage managed to a certain extent?" but Dickie said the level of control around this announcement overshadowed even that of future heir Prince George.

Dickie said: "They're all staged managed, but this was ultra stage managed.

"On Monday, we had Harry come out and announce it's a bouncing baby boy, but what happened beforehand…

"Almost eight and a half hours after the baby was born, we got word that she'd gone into labour. And an hour after that we got that the baby was born.

"So that particular part was a bit of a Horlicks [a muddle]."

Meghan and Harry revealed yesterday afternoon that they had called their son Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

Dickie also criticised American-born Meghan for inviting US television cameras to join them for the photo call in St George's Hall yesterday.

He said: "And yesterday, the presentation of the baby, an additional camera was put in, which I think was wrong.

"It was done perfectly well on Monday with Sky, the pool cameraman, a PA photographer and a PA reporter.

"Yesterday was supposed to be exactly the same but somehow, in the space of 24 hours, the CBS camera was slipped in.

"There's nothing wrong with that it was American, but it was done on the basis that they would get the pictures quicker to the United States for the breakfast shows."

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