Ralph Lauren finally gets his Yankees autograph decades later

As a boy, Ralph Lauren was snubbed by Yankees great Whitey Ford when he asked the pitcher for an autograph.

Decades later, the fashion icon is finally getting some love from the “Chairman of the Board.”

After reading in The Post that Ford told Lauren to “get back to the bleachers, kid,” when the future fashion designer requested a signature, Ford’s granddaughter, Blair Ford Clancy, scrambled to make amends.

“I read it and saw that my grandfather told him to get lost, so I called my grandmother to see what we could do,” Clancy tells The Post.

An autographed photo from the former hurler — who turns 90 in October — is now en route to the Bronx-born designer.

“It’s so my grandpa. He has probably said that to me 100 times. My grandpa is my hero. He is a total jokester but he can definitely be no-nonsense, too,” says Clancy.

When told about the pinstriped olive branch, Lauren — who tossed out the ceremonial pitch before Thursday’s Yankees-Red Sox game — was moved.

“That’s very nice,” he tells The Post, even though he adds the gesture was unnecessary. “I was still a Whitey Ford fan even though he jilted me. I thought he was a great player. If they are afraid I’m going to spread the word on Whitey, I wasn’t going to do that.”

As for Lauren’s own pitch, which commemorated his company’s 50th anniversary, the 78-year-old put on a respectable performance, with the ball bouncing just over the plate. Nevertheless, he’s hungry for another turn.

“I felt like it could have gone a little higher,” he says. “I needed one more shot. That’s how I am, I always want to improve.”

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