Rich Kids Go Skint star, 21, shocked single mum-of-three’s weekly food budget is SEVEN TIMES less than she spends on fuel – and that she doesn’t have a spare room for her to sleep in

Rich Kids Go Skint star Sacha, 21, was stunned to discover she spends SEVEN TIMES more on petrol than mum-of-three Juanita, from Orpington, Kent, spends on her weekly food bill.

The daughter of a wealthy property developer and successful restaurant owner, who lives at her parents’ Chiswick mansion with six toilets, five en suites, two dressing rooms and three guest bedrooms, was also shocked that she had to sleep on the sofa because there was no spare room.

Juanita, who lives with her kids Imani, 15, Kai, 8 and Riley, 5, scrapes by on benefits and spends just £60 on shopping, £40 on petrol, and £20 on gas and electric bills, with a total budget of £200 budget per week.

Meanwhile Sacha drives a £55k BMW M2 which costs her £400 a week to run, has free reign on her dad’s credit card and says she needs “£1, 000 a week” to fund her lifestyle.

She told Juanita: “I don't have a set budget every week. My petrol alone is more than your weekly budget.

“I spend £400 on petrol a week. It's so easy for me. I have my dad’s card so can just pay for anything.

“I don't have to ask. I can go to a restaurant and spend £300 on one meal.”

Hearing about the Sacha’s petrol budget, Juanita said: “There’s been one occasion I didn’t have enough to feed the kids. They didn’t know that. I gave them their food and they said, “are you not sitting down to eat?’ I said, no I’m not hungry.’

“Just to hear your petrol budget blows my mind.”

Sacha also admitted she hasn’t washed her own hair for four years, preferring to get a wash and blow-dry from her personal stylist five times a week.

On hearing this, Juanita gasped: “One blow-dry could feed my kids for the week.”

In one scene, Juanita sets Sacha the task of purchasing an item, upcycling it and then making money at a car boot sale.

The millionaire’s daughter handpicks a mirror and makes a £4 saving, which thrills the mum-of-three living on the breadline.

But she is less impressed by Sacha’s £4000 outfit.

She said: “You're worth £4000 right now? My outfit and shoes I've got on cost about £40 altogether. I think I look just as good as you, if not better.

“That just goes to show that money isn't everything.”

Later she added: “To know she's worth £4000 in everything she wore today is ludicrous.

“I'm worth £40 and I'll give her a run for her money every day. I want you to know you can look just as nice, on a cheaper budget.”

Before going to live with Juanita, Sacha told the show: “People who are comfortable living on benefits are just lazy.

“I don’t think they should complain about being on benefits and struggling because everyone can help themselves.”

The self-confessed shopaholic confessed that she never checks her bank balance because she “doesn’t need to”.

But speaking to Fabulous Online, Sacha said she had learned a valuable lesson by taking part in the show.

She said: “It hit close to home. When she told me she sometimes doesn't eat lunch or anything it was quite difficult to hear.

“I've stopped spending money irrelevantly.

“If I see a meal for £30 I'll get something else for £10.

“I still spend quite a bit of money but I've definitely cut down.

“My friends are all like,' Sacha what's going on? I've learnt to be humble. They make fun of me. They call me stingy.”

Even so she admits she went straight back to partying as soon as she left Orpington.

She said: “Normally I'll go to bed at 6 or7am, wake up at 6pm and have breakfast, lunch at 10pm and dinner before I go home after a night out.

“I coped OK with the new life because it was only a few days. I had a lot of fun.

“But when I left her house I didn't even go home, I went out.

“I went to Knightsbridge to meet my friends and drive around in a Rolls Royce.”

Juanita told Sacha that she had once lived in luxury herself but had lost her financial lifeline when her dad died, a few years ago.

Sacha said: “I bonded with her straightaway when I met her so when she told me this it really did affect me, especially because she did live a luxury lifestyle before and when her dad died it changed completely.

“I appreciate my family more than anything.

“Money is just money it comes and goes. What I learnt from her is to appreciate my family and spend more time with them.”

Even so, her line on families on the breadline hasn’t softened much.

She added: “Juanita being on benefits isn't her being lazy. She doesn't have a choice.

“But I still think there are other people in the world that are lazy and are on benefits.”

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Rich Kids Go Skint is on 5Star on  Monday, at 9pm.

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