Son transforms his mum’s junk-filled shed into a trendy outdoor bar for free using old paint and free wood

A BLOKE has put his woodworking skills to good use during lockdown and turned his old junk-filled shed into an amazing outdoor bar – and it was completely free to do. 

With bars and pubs closed for the foreseeable future because of coronavirus,  the  25-year-old can now treat himself to a cheeky beverage in their very own private garden bar.

Once an ''old run-down' shed', the clever craftsman was able to turn the junk-filled structure it into the ultimate space using the original timber plus extra wood they'd received for free.

Upon building the new structure – complete with a retractable canopy, walk in area, bar top and adequate shelving – the skilled tradesman added a splash of grey paint to spruce up the exterior which he already had laying around.

The former shed  had accumulated it's fair share of unwanted goods, and was full to the brim with junk so the transformation was a welcomed one, no doubt.

Excited by the new outdoor bar, his mum posted the transformation to the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group back in April, revealing incredible before and after pictures.

Alongside the photos, she wrote: "A complete transformation from an old run-down garden shed into a garden bar.

"My son's hard work during this isolation time from gifted wood and paint already had. "

The only expense, the woman revealed, were the wall plaques she picked up from  eBay – which are completely optional, of course, but help create an authentic bar experience.

The bar is also equipped with a wall-mounted speed rack housing various spirit bottles, while a selection of glassware is on full display.

Unsurprisingly, the transformation pictures were met with an overwhelming amount of praise, with it amassing to over 8,000 likes and comments.

Many complemented the work of her son using words such as "amazing" and "brilliant to describe the finished project,  with others using surprised emojis to express their opinions.

Impressed, one person wrote: "Oh my goodness – how absolutely fabulous! A great job".

Meanwhile another person joked: "Send him round here please, he can knock me one up".

Many others loved the idea so much that they urged their own family members to build one in their own gardens, drawing inspiration from the woman's example.

It seems many have been inspired to take up their own DIY projects while in lockdown, and have been sharing them only for others to see.

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