Sue Radford gets ready for Christmas with her 22 kids by stocking up on festive gonks and novelty baubles

THERE'S no denying that Christmas is a busy time for every family – but when you have 22 kids, you have to approach the festive season with military precision.

Although may still have a couple weeks left until December, the mum of Britain's biggest family has already made a headstart on her decorations.

The mum-of-22 shared a vlog on her family's YouTube channel – which was filmed the week before lockdown – where she stocked up on novelty baubles and festive gonks.

With 19-year-old Millie and some of the younger kids in tow, Sue hunted for festive items at Barton Grange Garden centre near their home in Morecambe, Lancashire.

Having repainted their front door recently, Sue immediately had her eye on a supersized red wreath – but was put off by the eyewateringly expensive £180 price tag.

Pointing out a cute soft toy gonk, Sue said: "We could get him and another one and sit them on the end of the fireplace."

Meanwhile, Sue also let her son Archie, two, pick a plush grey gonk while Millie gravitated towards a mini Christmas tree made out of baubles.

Overwhelmed by the amount of choice, Sue said: "I just love Christmas. I think we should put the tree up when we get home!"

And when Bonnie and Alfie started to get tired, the mum popped them in the trolly and gave them Peppa Pig to watch as they continued round the store.

Over in the tree decoration section, the Radfords went wild for purple felt and gold glittery supersized baubles.

Sue joked: "You couldn't really have them on the tree because they would just pull the tree over."

Signing off the vlog, Noel said: "I've got to say, Sue came back with a car full of decorations and shiny glittery stuff."

However, the dad confess to accidentally dropping one of the "Tardis" decorations on the way into the house.

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