As many of us try to be more environmentally friendly, we’re all reducing the amount of plastic we use day to day, but sometimes its unavoidable. To help us along, enter Tesco and ‘CanO Water’.

The supermarket giant is the first major retailer to stock the aluminum canned water, to offer customers the choice to avoid plastic bottles.

700 stores will be taking part, and whats more the ‘CanO Water’ 500ml cans will be part of Tesco’s £3 meal deal from the 30th July.

The London based start-up company was founded by three friends and has designed aluminium cans with a reusable lid. As aluminium is ‘infinitely recyclable’, ‘CanO Water’ have declared that a new can could even be back on the self as a new one in 60 days.

The move also means Tesco’s is the first supermarket to take this step to offer a more environmentally friendly alternative.

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