The four reasons why Meghan Markle fans are convinced she has already given birth to the Royal baby

THE world is waiting with bated breath for Meghan Markle to announce the arrival of her new son or daughter.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have remained tight-lipped about when the baby is due – but some fans think there are clues she’s already given birth.

The royal couple released a statement that they will be keeping details of the birth private, and away from the public eye.

And it is thought that a photo will follow the happy occasion in the subsequent days.

However, many royal fanatics are convinced that the new Baby Sussex is already tucked up in their gender-neutral nursery at Frogmore Cottage.

Here are some of the reasons they are convinced the baby has arrived….

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex's Instagram post

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle did a post on their new Instagram account two days ago which thanked well-wishers for making donations in lieu of sending baby gifts.

They wrote: “On behalf of The Duke and Duchess (and Baby Sussex), we thank you so much.”

Some fans were quick to say this is was an unusual choice of words and potential evidence that their newborn has arrived – particularly as Kate and Prince William never referenced their unborn babies on social media.

Meghan’s make-up artist being in town

Beauty professional Daniel Martin is extremely close to the duchess, and did her make-up for the royal wedding and attended her lavish baby shower in New York.

Last week, he did an Instagram story that placed him in Windsor, just down the road from the couple’s new home at Frogmore Cottage.

Could he have been getting her get glammed up for the first shot the couple will release of their baby?

Meghan’s maternity leave

When Kate Middleton gave birth to each of her three babies, she did her last royal engagement one month before she went into the lavish £7,500-a-night Lindo Wing to give birth.

Meghan was last seen in public on March 19, when she visited New Zealand House with Prince Harry to pay respects for those killed in the Christchurch terror attack.

She is said to have formally started her maternity leave on March 20, which is 30 days ago, so could she have had the baby already?

Harry’s mysterious diary

The last official event Prince Harry attended was the Lord Mayor’s Big Curry Lunch on April 4, which raised an impressive £2million for a veteran charity.

But what has the royal prince been up to since?

On Tuesday, the court circular, which details the royals’ events, said: “The Duke of Sussex this afternoon received a briefing from members of Chatham House, the Royal Institute of International Affairs.”

He may have been working earlier this week, but Prince Harry has no future engagements for the next four months, so could the baby have now arrived?

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