The ‘hot squat’ is the new Instagram pose Megan McKenna, Kylie Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski are loving (and it’ll help tone your tum)

And when ALL the celebs are doing it, we know we're likely missing a trick.

The latest new craze to take hold is the 'hot squat'.

From Kylie Jenner to Megan McKenna and Ferne McCann to Emily Ratajkowski, celebs both sides of the pond are hitting up this pose on social media.

You can do it squatting side on, facing backwards or straight-on to camera, they all count.

The preferred way of posing is with one leg squatting low with the knee close to the ground, while the other leg takes less weight and is pushed either out to the front or to the side, judging by these posts.

But why the sudden love for the 'hot squat'? We think it's a number of factors.

Firstly, all these celebrities look pretty toned, so any chance for an extra squat is fair game.

The pose is sexy but also helps tone you up too, not just the bum and thighs either because it requires core strength to keep you balancing properly on one leg.

But we think it's all about the angles too.

From front on, you get to show off your pins (as Ferne McCann demonstrates perfectly) and the angle it's taken from will lengthen your leg too.

Again from the front, if you pull your bum backwards, it will create the illusion of a smaller waist as this will be furthest away from the camera.

These celebs aren't silly!

From a side angle, the 'hot squat' trend will make that booty look larger – something most seem to strive for.

It gets the glutes contracted too so you'll have the perfect peachy bottom.

From the back though, the pose seems to make the bum look bigger and the waist look smaller, as once again it's further away from the camera.

So will you squat it like it's hot?

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