The Super Black Moon is here for a month and Leo’s are about to have the best sex EVER – The Sun

EARLIER this week we experienced a super black moon – which was both the second new moon in the month of July and also saw it reach its closest point to earth.

However, aside from luminously lighting up the sky, it triggers a new lunar cycle which will have an impact on your sex life.

Astrologers think its lunar rays are super-charged and that it will shed light on how you're actually feeling.

This may be painful at first – but in the long-run these realisations will do you the world of good.

So allow the cosmos to nudge you in a different direction – including in the bedroom.

Indeed, the moon's supernatural powers are believed to create a gravitational pull that affects our hormones, mood and – importantly – sex drive.

Read on to discover how your super black moon will affect your bedroom action for the next 29.5 days of its lunar cycle, depending on your star sign…

Fire sign – Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

This new moon is in Leo, which is a Fire sign and therefore you’re feeling in control, in charge and more in the mood for love than ever.

Tune in to your most honest authentic thoughts and feelings about what and who you love.

Are you investing in the right relationships? Are you with the right person? Are you looking for love in places you believe it can be found?
Find your closest confidante and tell them honestly how you feel about your love life.

Say it aloud, and acknowledge those truths. Then act on them this week.

Leo, you will be particularly in flow right now. Follow your instincts. It’s time for the best sex of your life!

Leo, you will be particularly in flow right now. Follow your instincts. It’s time for the best sex of your life!

Air signs – Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

You don’t ‘do’ feelings ideally (you’re more of a ‘thinker’ than a ‘feeler’), so this new moon's vibes may unsettle you and make you feel more emotional than usual

But follow your feelings and emotions to their root cause and triggers, use your big brain to categorise them, identify the drivers, and think up a plan to tackle them. Mind map it, if you must!
This is also, for singles, a great time to mingle with the object of your affection because they will also be super-emotional mood and eager to talk.

Aquarius, as this moon is in Leo (your opposite sign), you may struggle more than others to feel OK with this surge of emotional energy. Breathe! It will pass.

Earth signs – Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

Deep down, you know what it best for you, even though your strong sense of obligation can lead you away from that.

This week, find some quiet time and sit peacefully, and simply tune in to your heart’s energy.

Find your passion. Push all of your thoughts and feelings through your heart, breathe through it, imagine it emitting energy and what that looks like.

What feelings echo loudest in there, and what does it mean to you.

Sounds kinda’ ‘out there’, maybe, but you’re deep-diving to find the passions you hide within and which, right now, you can and should bring forth.

Be led by your passions this month, and you will rediscover your appreciation for life and love.

If there’s someone you admire, now is the time to let them know.

Taurus, of all the star signs, you dislike change the most, but this new moon calls for it. Don’t resist. Make a conscious effort to acknowledge where your feelings mean you need to make alterations.

Water signs – Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer

Lean in to this moon’s transformative and truthful energy by recognising where, in your relationships, you need to make changes.

Look at the hardest truth first – somehow, right now, you’ve got the insight and motivation to tackle it!
For singletons, follow your passions, make an overt move in the direction of the person you feel drawn to right now.

The chemistry is potent, and you can magic up something special if you pay attention to its presence.

Cancer, your ruling planet is the moon, so you will be literally glowing with this lunar energy.

Whatever you put your heart and soul into right now can become a magical success!

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