This is the most shameless Big Brother yet, so why is CBB rewarding celebs for their vile behaviour?

Journalist Amy Nickell explains why celebrities such as Dan Osborne aren't worthy of the airtime. 

Former TOWIE star Dan Osborne has been dubbed as the 'hunk' of the CBB house

I AM a massive Celebrity Big Brother fan.

I know that the show is no stranger to controversy.

It’s what has made the programme the household named that it is and what sky rockets the ratings.

And, of course, it’s what gets the fame-hungry contestants a hefty booking fee and column inches.

But this year, with their Eye Of The Storm theme, the celebrity calibre has really taken a moral nosedive – most notably in the form of former TOWIE star Dan Osborne.

For anyone who doesn’t remember, dad-of-three Dan was caught in 2015 having a very heated argument with the mother of his eldest child, Teddy.

In alarming leaked recordings Dan, 27, can be heard shouting at his ex, Megan Tomlin that she was a “dirty little c***” before threatening that he would “stick a knife in her” and snarling that “it won’t be funny when you’re in hospital”.

In my eyes, he’s an abuser.

And yet he went in to the house to an onslaught of cheers and applause.

It’s like his good looks have been enough to redeem him and earn him the ‘resident hunky housemate’ accolade when, in my eyes, he does NOT deserve it.

Last night Dan – who recently split from his wife, EastEnders actress Jaqueline Jossa – was dubbed as the ‘cheeky chappy and heart throb’ of the house.

When quizzed about the awful ‘stabbing’ comments, the show glossed over it.

To someone who doesn’t remember the incident, they made it seem like Dan and Megan had just had a bit of a row in bread aisle of the supermarket and he’d told her to shut up.

As someone who’s experienced an abusive relationship, comments like those made by Dan three years ago are just the start of something that can get much worse.

Eventually, abusers will do what they threaten. We must not gloss over that sort of behaviour, let alone celebrate someone who has spoken to a woman like that.

For anyone out there who’s been threatened before, I urge you speak out immediately before things escalate. It’s almost inevitable that they will.

Dan – who’s denied any form of physical abuse – also went on to blame his ex for his behaviour saying she ‘pushed him to his limit’. This too is abuse!

But Dan Osbourne wasn’t the only male contestant Channel 5 seemed to drag out of the showbiz gutter.

Hardeep Singh, for example, is a sort of TV presenter who used to be on the One Show but really is most famous for getting sacked – sacked after “acting inappropriately towards a female researcher”.

Following the allegations the 49-year-old comedian admitted he’d “overstepped the mark” but denied claims of sexual assault.

Then we have Ben Jardine off Married at First Sight.

Yeah, he was famous for being on reality TV, but everyone knows him for cheating on his wife the second the camera stopped rolling.

Also Jermaine Pennant was a footballer, but it’s his drink driving charges that brought him to the public’s attention.

Jermaine had a second chance and committed the same crime again, landing him in prison.

Still, he’s quite good looking and didn’t actually kill any pedestrians during his drink driving stints so has been billed as a “bad boy” to “get pulses racing”.

And Nick Leeson? He disgraced himself and lost probably hundreds of thousands of people all their savings – LOL, can’t wait to see him eat a hot chilli and be electrocuted in a metallic unitard.

Actually, thinking about it, maybe that will genuinely be quite fun to watch.

But sarcasm aside, these are men who well known for doing awful things and are being rewarded with fame and cash.

At the very least, their fees should go to charities associated with their previous ‘misdemeanours’.

Of course, CBB is also a chance for them to have some sort of reality-show redemption and eventual career resuscitation, the ability to bury the past.

In my opinion, these men are beyond redemption and ‘second chances’ don’t apply.

Next year, perhaps we could just go one step further and have actual convicted criminals – well, everyone knows who they are. Like a Crimewatch/ CBB mash up.

Chuck in Harvey Weinstein for a secret task.

These people might be totally unoffensive on the show and win us all over but the point is they should never have been booked in the first place.

The 2007 Shilpa Shetty/ Jade Goody race row exposed Celebrity Big Brother’s darkest underbelly.

This time it’s been exposed within an hour of the opening show – by putting men like this in the house and providing them with a platform from which they will be celebrated.

Every single one went into a cheering crowd, validating their past behaviour. Behaviour that if committed in the house would see them instantly removed.

It’s an absolute toxic masculinity stink bomb that would have me running for that fire exit door.

Bring back Leo Sayer and his dirty underpants, I say.

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