This is the one mistake women make when shaping their eyebrows, according to an expert

But whether you’re guilty of being a tad tweezer-happy, over-doing it with the pencil or just totally missing the mark when it comes to the shape, there's one big mistake you could be making when it comes to perfecting your brows.

Celebrity brow specialist Tonya Crooks – aka The Brow Gal – tells Good Housekeeping that faking an arch is a common error.

She said: “Don’t add an arch when there shouldn’t be one.”

"I categorise brows into three shapes. If your eyebrow has a sharp incline and decline, it is an Arch. If the curve is softer and slightly rounder, then it is an Arc. If there is little height in your brow, then it is Straight.

"Your unique brow shape works perfectly for your facial structure and many brow artists make the mistake of overplucking to achieve an arch when actually, it won’t suit your face."

So embrace the brows you were given? We hear ya.

Tonya also recommends waxing or tweezing your brows over having them threaded.
"You should only thread hair you never want to see again. This is because when the thread wraps around the hair follicle, it breaks it off, causing the hair to grow back curly or out of place," she explains.

And once you’ve shaped them to perfection – NOT by threading – don’t make the mistake of ruining your good work by filling them in with the wrong colour pencil.

"When I began my career, I hand mixed pencils and eyeshadows to create the perfect shade for my clients, as many brow colours on the market were too warm.”

Try experimenting with a variety of light to dark brown eyeshadows along with an arsenal of different pencil shades to find your perfect match.

And last but not least, it’s important to make sure you’re filling in your brows, and not using your forehead as a colouring map.

Tonya suggests mapping out your brows with three dots, before filling in to nail the right shape for your face.

First, she suggests you find the point where your brows should start by drawing a line from the outside of your nose and going directly upwards.

Next, you can find the highest point of your brows (the arch) by drawing a line from the corner of your nose up through your pupil.

Then finally, use your hand to find where your brow should end by going from the bottom corner of your nose and the outside edge of your eye.

And voila! Brow success.

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