This is the secret clue in Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s royal tour which hints they won’t try for a baby until APRIL

The public has been on the lookout for any sign the couple may be expecting their first child.

In their first joint interview, the Duke and Duchess said they’ll "hopefully we’ll start a family in the near future”, fuelling speculation the announcement could come at any time.

But it appears we may not get a royal baby for some time now – and it’s all due to their upcoming royal tour.

Despite other couples in the mid-thirties wanting to have a baby as quickly as possible, Meghan and Harry may have to wait as they’re visiting countries which carry a risk of contracting Zika.

The itinerary for their tour includes Fiji and Tonga – two places which have been classified as having by the UK authorities as having "a risk of Zika virus transmission."

The National Travel Health Network and Centre, set up by the Department of Health, advises women travelling to countries which carry a risk of Zika to "avoid conception while traveling and for up to 6 months on return."

They also recommend pregnant women shouldn’t travel to countries with a risk of Zika virus, meaning it’s unlikely Meghan is already pregnant.

The Zika virus can cause birth defects and anomalies including microcephaly, a small head, and is usually contacted by a mosquito bite.

If they choose to follow the advice of health experts, it means they won’t start trying for a baby until April at the earliest.

The couple’s tour begins on October 16 in Sydney and ends on October 31 in New Zealand.

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