Victoria's Secret Model Devon Windsor Talks New Perfume Campaign, Wedding Dress Shopping and More!

Victoria’s Secret model Devon Windsor is seriously “obsessed” with perfume.

The supermodel, 24, loves fragrance so much, she makes sure to spray her favorite all over her body (including her hair!) so the scent lingers on her skin all day long.

“Honestly, I douse it all over my entire body just because I am so obsessed with fragrance so I like everything to smell,” Windsor tells PeopleStyle. “If you spray it onto your clothes they absorb it and it makes the scent last longer.”

She adds, “But I love to spray it in my hair because that way whenever you go out and somebody either hugs you or kisses you, they immediately get that smell. Whenever I hug someone that smells good I am automatically like, ‘Wow, you smell really good!’”

Windsor’s passion for perfume makes her new partnership with Juicy Couture as the face of the brand’s new Oui fragrance the most perfect fit for the model.

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“Growing up, I was a huge fan of the brand. It was so popular in my school. And the message behind the whole fragrance is basically just to say ‘oui’ as in ‘yes’ to everything you believe in and everything you do in your life. I think that it is a really strong and great message to be a part of,” Windsor, who stars alongside models India Graham, Gizele Oliveria and Luping Wang in the campaign, says. 

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The new scent, which Windsor describes as “floral, fruity and playful,” makes the the star feels “sexy, edgy and confident” every time she puts it on.

We caught up with the model in honor of her new campaign with Juicy Couture to talk all things beauty, prepping for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, her recent engagement and more.

Since we’re talking about perfume, what do you think is the sexiest scent on a man?

I love a very musky, woody, strong scent on a guy. I think it would be weird if he had a fruity scent. Something that reflects his personality. If he’s strong and confident…perfect.

Speaking of guys, your man Johnny Dex just popped the question with the most romantic proposal. What went through your mind while it was happening?
Everyone keeps asking me if I had any idea and I really didn’t because even my managers were in on it. Johnny had been working with my manager and he sent me call sheets and everything, so I was like totally in shock. I flew over twice actually. The first time we were kind of high up so I couldn’t see it, but I could really see that it was Johnny. I was like, ‘Wait what is going on right now?’.

And then we flew again by it super low and I was freaking out. I was like, ‘Get me off this plane! I need to get down there!’ I was just like in the plane with this videographer filming behind-the-scenes of this photo shoot and I am just sitting up there in the air with him. It was absolutely incredible.

So have you started any wedding planning yet?

Ugh yes, I have tried to. Everyone is like, ‘Do you have a date?’ and I am like, ‘No!’ [laughs] Not yet. But we’re working towards it. Ideally we want to have some destination wedding, somewhere tropical and by the ocean because I am such a beach bum. I don’t want to be too stressed and try to rush into it, so I think it will be at least a year away.

What will be your approach to wedding dress shopping?

I am not a very poofy princess-type bride, especially if it is like going to be a destination wedding or something by the ocean. I would say I’m into more of a boho, beaded, easy dress. But who knows until you really try stuff on.

Being a Victoria’s Secret lingerie model, what kind do you think is the best to pack for your honeymoon?

I guess Victoria’s Secret obviously! They have an amazing line for that. I guess all white. Is that what you’re supposed to wear? Something wedding-like and something that makes you feel confident and sexy for your honeymoon… because hopefully you will only have one honeymoon!
How do you like to amp up your diet and exercise routine to prepare for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show?

I keep it on my mind like months and months before casting. I just kind of ease into it. I am not the kind of person that wants to just crash diet. It doesn’t really work well for me. So I keep it in mind for a month or two and then the final couple weeks I really go hard in the gym. I try to work out every single day, at least an hour a day.

And then for my diet, I honestly am the worst dieter! Like I am such a foodie! Thank god I am blessed with a fast metabolism because I live off of carbs. But I really do just try to cut back on carbs and sugar and desserts and just eat super clean. I don’t really believe in starving yourself because that is not like a beautiful, sexy [body]. They want strong, confident women in that show, so I am looking to build muscle. I will eat more proteins and vegetables that make me feel healthy.

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