We thought we had a purebred white German shepherd but were very wrong when a DNA test came back | The Sun

A COUPLE has shared their surprise when they got DNA results for their dog – and her breed was much different than they expected.

The Reddit user posted a photo of the dog they thought was a purebred white German Shepherd.

They said: "She was supposed to be a white German Shepherd. We did a DNA test."

Instead of their purebred pooch, they got a mixed mutt – but they still love her, and "couldn't be happier".

The test results revealed the pup was only 25 percent German Shepherd, 25 percent Husky and 50% Tijuana street dog.

Despite the mix-up, they still love their four-legged friend.


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Viewers of the post found the situation laughable, and shared how cute they found the pooch.

One joked: "And this is why you don't get black out drunk with some random guy in a bar in Tijuana.

"Obviously her mother didn't know this."

Another chimed in: "She's 100% good girl though."

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A viewer of the post shared how they paid full price for their dog, which they thought was a yellow lab.

But they were duped: "Pretty sure she’s a German Shepherd/coyote/Angel/melted marshmallow covered in hair."

TikToker Grace Hyland thought she had bought a purebred German Shepherd puppy – but was scammed by the breeder.

And even though it's not what she had in mind, Grace says that she loves Luma "no matter what."

She said: "I thought I was getting a German Shepherd.

"But I think I got scammed because people say she looks like a mongrel dog.

"She is such a beautiful little girl and she gives me so much love and cuddles."

Another TikToker spent £2000 on what she thought was a purebred Wheaten Terrier.

TikToker Bigzozz got the small fluffy puppy in 2020 – and now two years later it’s turned completely white.

However, commenters were quick to point out that the colour change is normal for its breed.

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Her dog is an Irish Soft-coated Wheaten, which usually sells for about £2,000.

With this breed, their coat gradually grows out to nearly white at age three before maturing into a wheaten-coloured coat as they get older.

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