Woman, 24, who received an unwanted pic of a ‘small, disgusting’ penis gets revenge by telling the lad’s MUM

A WOMAN got revenge on a bloke who sent her an unwanted photo of his ‘small, disgusting’ penis – by telling his mum. 

Shannai Brooks-Jackson was horrified when she received the unsolicited photo, but took matters into her own hands and ratted the bloke out in the best way possible. 

The 24-year-old received a message out of the blue from a guy, and after she innocently replied with a ‘how are you’ he sent her the X-rated photo. 

After Shannai, from Kentucky, saw the filthy snap, she said it was “the last straw”, and she decided to get revenge by tracking down his mum, and letting her know what kind of man her son was. 

Shannai said: "When he sent the picture, I threw my phone. I saw it, threw it down and said, 'no, no, no'. It was the final straw for me. It was awful.

“It was so small and disgusting. It's now my new go to to tell their mums on them.

"I didn't know him. He had messaged me. I responded to his messages saying 'how are you'. I looked back and there was a penis on my phone.

"I literally said, 'what the f***'. It's so gross. After I told him I messaged his mum I blocked him. He had started to type and reply, but I blocked him before he could send it.”

Shannai found his mum on Facebook, who shockingly tried to defend her son’s actions. 

Shannai penned a message, saying: “I just wanted you to know your son thinks it's okay to send women pictures of his penis for literally no reason at all.

"You seem like a wonderful lady so I know you didn't raise him to do things like that.

"I think maybe you should remind to treat women with the same respect he would want you to be treated with."

But she didn’t get a positive response originally, as his mum claimed it wasn’t him that sent the snap. 

Shannai said: “When I messaged his mum she was like, 'he's been hacked', but he was talking to me before and is in the picture.

"She finally was like, 'I will handle this'. At first she denied it but then she said she wasn't trying to raise him like that. I think he's in his 20s.

"He's not 16 anymore. He needs to grow up."

Shannai shared screengrabs from her chat with the lad’s mum, where the parent wrote: “Someone hacked his account last year and sent these kind[s] of photos to almost everyone on his friends list. When was the pic sent?"

Shannai replied: "Just now. It was him because we were just talking. Then he sent that."

The mother then wrote "Ok, I apologise."

Shannai shared her ordeal on social media as a warning to people who think it’s acceptable to send unwanted nudes, as she vowed to deal with future snaps in the same way. 

Her post racked up thousands of likes and comments, as she wrote: “So today this random dude sent me a picture of his peen out of the clear blue sky so I found his mom on here and told her.

"It’s 2020. Everything is already going horribly. Don’t make me get your mom on you."

But the mum later tried to defend her son even further, saying: "I feel this has gotten way out of hand. The truth is that my son didn't intend to send this young lady [pictures] of his genital part.

"I am so embarrassed but we all get peen pic. I feel this young lady open wounds and my son actions triggered [them]. [sic]

"Of course, I don't condone my son acting like a creep.”

But she claimed Shannai was “trolling” him, and she likened sharing the messages online to ‘cyber bullying’, adding it ‘doesn’t solve anything’. 

She continued: “Two wrongs do not make anything right. All wom[e]n get sent d*** pics, but thank goodness for the good old delete and block feature.

"He has learned his lesson. He has nothing else to say about this. He is sorry if he hurt anyone."

Shannai later added: “When I made the post she was upset because she thought it made her look bad. There's no one saying that though.

"I know I'm not perfect either, but I'm not sending pictures of my vagina into the world. No one wants to deal with that.

"There's going to be somebody out there who wants to see it. Don't give it away for free.

"Get an Only Fans account or something. Somebody wants to pay to see it. Get money to show off your junk."

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