Woman horrified to discover ex-boyfriend is ENGAGED to her little sister and she doesn’t know whether to skip wedding – The Sun

A WOMAN has been left horrified after discovering her ex-boyfriend is engaged to her little sister.

In a Reddit post shared on a wedding shaming Facebook group, she revealed she was stuck over whether she should attend their wedding despite still being heartbroken.

Providing backstory to the question 'would I be the ass***e if I don't attend my sister's wedding?', she wrote: "Three years ago I was in grad school and I was working as a tutor for undergrad students, that's how I met Joe, who was five years younger than me.

"We had a whirlwind romance until I told my mother, expecting her to be happy for me because I was in my first relationship where I felt more than just fondness towards my partner.

"However, my parents are a little on the conservative side and as soon as my mum learned about the age difference and his various tattoos, she was livid."

The woman revealed how her parents threatened to kick her out of their home and stop paying for her education unless she ended the relationship.

She sent me a picture of her and her new boyfriend. It was my ex Joe.

They decided that they would break up and she would finish her degree, with the idea they may get back together in the future and "kept in touch over the next year".

Joe graduated and moved to the same city where her sister Allie happened to be at university.

At the same time, she graduated and moved to a city nearby.

"Almost two years after our break up, my sister Allie told me she'd been seeing someone for seven months and sent me a picture of her with him. It was Joe," she continued.

"I could not believe my eyes. I texted him, asking if it were true and got no reply.

"I called my mother, who told me it wasn't a big deal and they're letting Allie have her 'rebellious phase'."

The woman revealed how she dealt with the news by throwing herself into work, and then found out they got engaged through her mum.

She RSVP'd yes to the wedding invitation, but she admitted that less than a month to go until their big day she is "clearly not over him".

"I tear up at the thought of watching him say 'I do' to my younger sister," she added.

"I don't think I can attend their wedding and i'm thinking about using work as an excuse again.

"My best friend says I'm being an ass***e and I have to grin and bear it while other friends are saying I should prioritise my health."

She later added that her sister had known who Joe was all along, had failed to mention to him they were sisters and "still expects me to attend her wedding because we're family".

Members of the Facebook group left her messages of support and advice about what to do.

One person wrote: "I'd wear white to this wedding."

Another commented: "That whole family sucks."

A third shared: "Find a hot friend who will agree to it and then announce that the two of you are engaged on her wedding day."

And a fourth added: "She dodged a bullet. If that piece of s**t guy could allow this to happen, he was never a good guy in the first place and would’ve hurt her in another way. Also, karma is a b***h."


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