This woman shared a photo of her period blood online to 'normalise' bleeding… but instead lost loads of followers

And now British YouTuber Grace Victory has attempted to normalise periods by sharing an incredibly relatable photo on social media… but lost a whole load of followers in the process.

Famous for speaking open and honestly about everything from eating disorders to domestic abuse, the plus-sized fashion vlogger decided to tackle the stigma attached to menstruation by posting a picture of her blood-stained sheets on Instagram .

Sharing the personal picture of herself lying in bed next to the blood stain, the internet star captioned the honest photo with the simple statement: "let's normalise bleeding."

Alongside this, Grace also included an extract of a poem she wrote for the Always campaign to end period poverty: "for the redness turns to shame, and the inner peace blends to hate, and the sweetness of chocolate to cure the same does nothing."

She then asked her 147,000 followers "how does this image make you feel?"

Unsurprisingly, the comments were flooded with users praising Grace for her "realness".

One user wrote: "This image makes me feel SO empowered to be a woman, it makes me feel strong and confident and excited to be a woman in this generation."

Another thanked Grace for being "so relatable" and said: "Let's make it socially acceptable to talk about, look at and understand periods."

But sadly, not everyone was so accepting of Grace's honesty.

Shortly after the image was posted, the internet star revealed on Instagram stories that she "lost 150 followers after posting this. How wild is that."

The YouTuber complained how its "2018 and people are still grossed out over period blood" and she "she knew it was bad but didn't realise it was THIS bad."

Finishing her post, Grace said: "Just hate how period blood is viewed. It's so important for my healing to express and grow through the uncomfortableness of who I am."

"Sexuality, vaginas, out wombs – why is it so wrong for them to be seen and talked about?"

Since Grace called out the period shaming, her original post has been liked over 12,000 times and she still has a loyal following of almost 150,000 on the platform.

Alongside her work with the Always #EndPeriodPoverty campaign, Grace also runs the Heal Grow Glow Instagram account for fellow victims of domestic abuse.

Last year, she exclusively spoke to Fabulous Online about her "Jeremy Kyle-type" childhood which involved being kidnapped and held hostage by a relative and suffering crippling body confidence issues from the age of six.

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