Woman shares simple way to get a duvet cover on quickly… and there’s no wrestling with the corners involved

OUR bedding should be washed weekly to keep them clean and fresh, but when it comes to our duvet cover things get a little more complicated.

If, like us, you avoid it simply because it's too tricky to navigate on your own then fear not, because there's a simpler way to do it – without it being a two-person job.

A woman has revealed a "game-changing" way to change the duvet without breaking a sweat – and people are blown away by how easy it is.

TikTok user Christine shared her secrets in a clip on the video sharing platform and it means no more tricky corners.

She says: "I'm going to teach you how to easily put on a duvet cover.

And explains: "First turn your duvet [cover] inside out and then put the opening towards the bottom of the bed."

Next she says to lay the duvet on top, tie the corners, then simply roll the duvet cover and duvet towards the bottom of the bed.

Then she explains: "Take the opening and turn it over what you just rolled and close it up."

And it really is that simple. The handy tie and roll method – or the 'California roll' as Christine calls it – has left many seriously impressed and quite frankly blown away but how easy it is to do.

"Oh my God I've been crawling inside the cover trying to smooth it out," one viewer wrote.

And another one said: "Not gonna lie, I had my doubts but oh man it works!"

While a third gushed: "I don't know what kind of magic this is and my brain literally cannot comprehend what just happened but it works and I have to say thank you."

So with this little trick up your sleeve, you'll be making the bed in no time.

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