Woman stunned after seeing how badly someone has parked next to her & everyone’s saying the same thing | The Sun

IS there anything more annoying than popping into a shop, only to come back out and discover the person who parked next to you has left you barely any room to get in?

Well, one woman has shared footage of the very shocking way someone parked their car next to hers – leaving her with utterly no space to even slightly open her door.

Chloe took to TikTok and posted a video showing how the black car that was parked so close to hers, it appeared to be scraping next to the side of her vehicle.

She captioned the post: "What would u do if someone parked that close to your car?"

The video has since gone viral and racked up over 715,000 views – with many saying the same thing.

"That's not parked, that's a collision," wrote one.


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A second agreed: "That's not parking that's a car crash…ridiculous!"

Another asked: "HOW DID THEY EVEN GET OUT?"

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Elsewhere, others took to the comments section to answer Chloe's question and reveal what they would do if they were in her situation.

"The air in them tires would be GONE," one social media user joked.

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A second recalled: "I had this happen once. I got in the passenger side, over the console & into the driver’s seat.

"Rolled down the window & used a screwdriver to leave a one line note as I backed out."

A further asked: "REALLY!!! who does that?"

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