X Factor mum Talia Dean moans she's sick of her 'beautiful face’ and wishes she looked older

The mum-of-two, who reached the finals of the singing competition last year, said people regularly ask whether she's had cosmetic surgery.

She told the Daily Star: “I do actually hate it sometimes because people talk to me like a little girl. I’m a 32-year-old woman and a mother.

“In some ways it is lovely and I shouldn’t moan because I won’t need Botox and I do not need fillers because my lips are great.

“But at the same time when I meet someone, they normally think I’m an immature teenager who had a kid when she was 15.

“I need to be careful because I can get spoken down to quite easily.”

Staff at her son Blake's nursery often mistake Talia for his nanny – while she normally gets ID'd buying alcohol or cigarettes for her partner.

She added: “It’s lovely looking young but when I am with my son I am a mum and I want to be respected and have people treat me not like I’m a child.”

Talia recently moved from Hounslow, west London, to plush Oxshott, Surrey, to live among bankers and footballers with her partner, who's a builder.

She says her Bohemian dress sense has made her stand out even more in the posh town.

"In Surrey, where everyone drives a 4×4, has Botox and wears designer clothes, that makes you stick out a lot," she said. “All of the women look immaculate in white Gucci jeans but that is just not me.”

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