Yardsale Magazine Is a Documentation of 2020 From the Brand's Perspective

After launching its Winter 2020 collection and its second feature length film last week, London-based skate label Yardsale is now launching the first issue of its all-new titular magazine.

Boasting 112 glossy pages, issue one is an in-depth documentary-style look at 2020 from the perspective of the brand. Featuring images, interviews and articles from the team, the magazine is an in-depth look into everything you need to know about Yardsale, the team and its goings on this year.

Ideal for the skateboard hoarder or collector thanks to its high-quality leather-feel embossed paper, Yardsale issue one is an alternative angle to a skate-inspired fashion magazine.

Available in limited quantities for £15 (approximately $20 USD) issue one of Yardsale is set to launch on December 30 at 8pm (GMT) via the brand’s webstore.

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