You can now buy cat slippers that PURR when you walk around in them

The adorable fluffy footwear looks perfect for taking your moggy love to the next level.

  • Purring cat slippers, £26.47 from Think Geek – buy now

The cute black and white slippers have pink pads underneath, which give the wearers extra grip on slippery floors.

And all you need to do to make the slippers meow is to curl your toes to activate the battery-powered control.

The cat slippers cost £26.47 and plus shopping, and they look ideal for Christmas presents.

You can get hold of a pair from the Think Geek website and one size is said to fit all.

The website says: “Cat paws are a wonder of nature. They're shock absorbers. They're a set of sheaths for catweapons (claws). They impart pheromones via paw pads. And we haven't even talked about how awesome tiny cat toebeans are!

“These slippers make your feet look like a cat's, and when you walk, they take turns meowing and purring!”

It’s not the only feline-themed product that looks ideal for those who love their furry friends.

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Primark was also selling a gorgeous new range of Aristocats stationery… with prices from £2.

Meanwhile, Disney fans may also want to check out Primark's new Lilo and Stitch T-shirt – which only costs £6.



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