You’re removing price tags all wrong—the right way means no broken nails or sticky residue

WE’VE all experienced the frustration of trying to pull off a price tag and having left over pieces stuck to the item.

Sometimes, we try so hard to get every bit of paper off that we end up ruining our nails too.

A woman named Sarah Lindner, who goes by @TheHouseOfSequins on TikTok, said it doesn’t take that much effort to remove stubborn tags.

“Stop picking at it,” she said, while using the corner of her nail to try and lift a sticky tag from a frame.

“Before you wrestle with a stubborn sticker on a new item and leave that sticky residue, pull out a blowdryer.

“Apply heat for a few moments and the sticker pulls right off.”

In the comments, a few viewers shared their own tips for removing tags like this:

“You can also use a lighter,” one person said.

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“And use rubbing alcohol after that if any left-over residue sticks,” added a second.

When it comes useful product hacks like this one, TikTok is full of ideas.

Recently, a man who goes by @Cast_Iron_Chris revealed that most of us are cleaning our cast iron skillets wrong.

The common belief is that you should not use any soap on the cast iron—only water.

If you did use soap or scrub it down, people claimed you would have to season the skillet all over again with salt and oil.

But @Cast_Iron_Chris said otherwise.

"Soap is safe for your cast iron," he claimed in a video.

"Back in the olden days, handmade soaps contained a lot of lye.

"Lye will strip your seasonings, but modern soaps don't contain any lye in the finished product.

"Cleaning your cast iron properly ensures it will continue to look and cook fantastically."

Following his advice, one woman added in the comment section: "Do not put it in the dishwasher though …or leave it sitting in the soapy sink."

A second agreed with his advice and commented: "Plus soap strips oils, yes. But NOT SEASONING because of how it’s bonded once heated. Soap is ok to use, people!"

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