Ariana Grande Crying Manchester Beats 1 Interview, Get Well Soon

It’s been over a year since 22 people were killed in a terrorist bombing at Ariana Grande‘s concert in Manchester, U.K., but the event still haunts the singer. The 25-year-old paid tribute to the victims of the senseless attack on her new album, Sweetener, with the song “Get Well Soon,” and as much as she tries to be a beacon of light and positivity for her fans, she couldn’t help but start crying talking about the tune and what it means to her.

Ari listened to the powerful track while on Beats 1 radio with Ebro Darden on August 17, the day the album was released, and got extremely emotional as she discussed its inspiration.

“It’s just about just being there for each and helping each other through scary times and anxiety,” she said through tears. “There’s some dark sh*t out there, man, and we just have to be there for each other as much as we can because you never f*cking know. I just wanted to do something to make people feel good and less alone. it’s not just about that; it’s also about personal demons and anxiety and more intimate tragedies, as well. Mental health is so important.”

The “God is a Woman” singer also explained that an event as horrific as the Manchester attack changed her entire perspective on life and how she chooses to live.

She continued, “Obviously you see this sh*t on the news it affects you, but not in the same way. You feel bad, you tweet it, you post a picture, you send your condolences, you say something and then you move on. But Christmas comes and you’re thinking about it and it’s like… It’s like people are permanently affected by this sh*t and it’s just like, perspective. It changes everything, changes your life quite a bit. You really want to be more present and follow happy impulses and figure it out later and wanna stay in the moment.”

“You try not to give into fear because obviously that’s the whole point of being here. That was the point of finishing my tour, was to set an example for my fans who were fearless enough to show up to the f*cking shows. Like, are you kidding? You want to se the same example and you want to keep going and you want to just not be afraid because of course that’s what they want. If you give them that they’ve won. We did everything to not and we still do everything to not. But the truth is, it’s f*cking scary.”

Ariana mentioned that wants to “give people a hug musically” with the song, which is directly mentioned in its lyrics — “If you need someone to pull you out the bubble / I’ll be right there just to hug you, I’ll be there,” she croons.

“I feel like the lyrics can be kind of corny when I talk about wanting to hug you, but I do,” she concluded. “People gotta be nicer.”

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