Britney Spears’ fans convinced she’s ‘locked up’ as she reposts old dance video
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    Britney Spears Instagram followers are convinced she is "locked up" and has no control over her social media account after she shared yet another dance video on Instagram.

    The happy go lucky star has continued to post videos of herself dancing, keeping fans entertained with her raunchy display.

    But many have been left concerned once again after she reposted an old video of her dancing while on holiday earlier this year.

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    Wearing a yellow crop top with tiny shorts, the 40-year-old, who was in Maui at the time, could be seen spinning around in circles as she energetically tossed her hair back and forth.

    But although many cheered her on, others felt there may be something more sinister at play.

    Taking to the comment section, one follower wrote: "Who else thinks Britney is locked up and that’s why old content is being posted?"

    Another follower penned: "I’ve seen her do this same dance over again to different songs. That’s not her. They are all old recording."

    A third questioned: "Why are you in this room dancing in circles if you re in Maui, don't you dress up, go out, enjoy the city, beach, restaurants, clubs, etc."

    Meanwhile a fourth shared: "Sooooo, everyone loves her but no one is concerned or checking in seriously? Where are her people? Where are these 'friends'? This is so bizarre and sad at the same time."

    Hitmaker Britney also wrote a lengthy caption to accommodate her dance video.

    She penned: "It’s fall so I have to take this week to reflect back on this year !!! A lot has happened … I posted this eight months ago in Maui but I showed the sped up version! Well I looked through my phone and found the original one!!! I like it better!!!

    "I’m both left and right handed!!! When I write I’m right handed but in sports and dance or anything physical with my body … I’m left dominant!!! Kinda weird!!!"

    The star also shared that she often likes to reflect on the past.

    She continued: "One time in school my art teacher thought I was dyslexic!! I read things backwards!! Maybe that’s why I want to reflect back… and go backwards you know!

    "Hebrew is a language I used to study and I felt really cool because it’s all read right to left! Ok I’m talking too much and I get it… nobody really cares!"

    She finished off by writing: "Either way here’s me in Maui dancing to Rihanna’s song Man Down."


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