Brothers Osborne Lampoon Bro Cliches, Space Force in ‘Shoot Me Straight’ Video

After casting “Donald Trump” as a bungling pawn-shop robber in their video for “It Ain’t My Fault,” Brothers Osborne once again poke fun at the President — or at least his pie-in-the-sky ideas — in the new clip for “Shoot Me Straight.” Vetting increasingly absurd treatments for their latest video, TJ and John Osborne burst into laughter when they’re presented with one titled “Space Force,” a nod to Trump’s proposal to add a new Star Wars-like branch to the military.

But the “Shoot Me Straight” video, directed by Wes Edwards and Ryan Silver, reserves its biggest punches for bro-country clichés, specifically music videos that feature artists performing in fields, around trucks and surrounded by Daisy Dukes-sporting women. Against their will, Brothers Osborne find themselves in just such a scenario, making for one of the most clever — and funniest — videos of the year, one that evokes both the dead-man-partying classic Weekend at Bernie’s and the Eddie Murphy guerrilla-filmmaking comedy Bowfinger.

Brothers Osborne released their second album Port Saint Joe in April. Currently on the road with Dierks Bentley, they’ll launch a headlining tour on August 26th.

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