BTS’ Jimin Make Sure ARMYs Are Warm at Their Concert (And on ‘Good Morning America’)

Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook often share their concern for ARMYs, especially when they’re stuck standing and sitting outside. That includes BTS members like Jin, RM, and V, who checked up on fans before the Permission to Dance on Stage concerts in Seoul.

BTS’ Jimin gave ARMYs his hand warmers while visiting ‘Good Morning America’

BTS is one of the most prominent boy bands in the world, releasing songs like “Permission to Dance,” “Boy With Luv,” and “Butter.” They performed at the Grammy Awards and earned millions of fans, collectively known as the BTS ARMY.

The BTS members share their appreciation for fans at every turn, even showing concern when it’s cold outside. That includes Jimin, one of the singers in the band.

When BTS visited Good Morning America in February 2020, they appeared outside for their interview, talking in front of dozens of ARMYs. Because of the cold temperature, Jimin threw his hand warmers to fans.

The BTS members asked ARMYs to dress warmly at the ‘Permission to Dance on Stage’ concerts 

In 2022, these artists performed several “Permission to Dance on Stage” concerts in Seoul, even if the weather wasn’t exactly warm. The artists themselves sported long sleeves and pants. Some BTS members even took to social media, asking fans to prepare for the outdoor event. 

“Everyone, it’s very cold,” RM tweeted, according to a translation from a fan. “Come fully prepared as if you’re going to the North Pole and even though there’s no standing and cheering, let’s do it.”

The oldest member of the K-pop group, “Worldwide Handsome” Jin, shared a series of pictures from the event. He also had a thoughtful message for ARMYs, warning future attendees about the weather. 

“Everyone had so much fun today,” Jin tweeted, according to a translation. “It’s raining on Saturday and Sunday, so please wear warmer clothes.”

V also took to the fan-to-artist communication platform Weverse, saying, “Everyone’s weather is a lot colder Please wear padding. Please wear gloves Get ready for a hot pack. Well, just do everything that looks warm,” according to a translation.

Even while on stage, Jimin looked into the audience and wrapped his arms around himself, asking if ARMYs were cold. In the Twitter video, fans reassured him that they were ok, to which Jimin nodded. 

The BTS members often share their love and support of ARMYs

BTS mentions its appreciation for the fan base on social media and in person. When BTS performed at Citi Field, J-Hope noticed a fan with Mang-themed merchandise. As a result, he gifted them his bag. 

Jungkook even jumped over the barricade to say hello to an ARMY in a wheelchair. ARMYs reciprocate the appreciation, creating birthday celebrations, streaming music videos, and donating to non-profit organizations in honor of this K-pop group.

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