BTS Light Up 2020 American Music Awards with Performance of 'Life Goes On' and 'Dynamite'

BTS lit up the stage once again at the 2020 American Music Awards!

Sporting matching black and white ensembles, the K-pop band — made up of members Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook — kicked off their performance with their new single "Life Goes On" before closing out the show with their funky mega-hit "Dynamite."

Earlier in the evening, BTS took home the award for best pop/rock duo or group; they were also nominated for best social artist.

BTS recently opened up about feeling more settled into their group's successful career during an interview in WSJ. Magazine's Innovators Issue. They were named WSJ. Magazine's music innovator of the year at the virtual Innovators Awards this month.

"In the past, we had clear goals and a thirst. We had to do well — we were desperate," Jungkook, 23, told the magazine. "I still have a similar mindset. It’s the achievements we've made every step of the way that are prompting me to want to challenge myself more."

Jimin, 25, shared similar sentiments, saying: "Before, we were all just fixated on looking for the camera when the red light came on. Now, we feel more relaxed."

While discussing their music-making process during the interview, RM revealed that he is often inspired by movie scenes when he writes lyrics. In fact, he said often dwells on a film scene for years before implementing it into his music.

"[Writing songs] takes a long time for me," the 26-year-old said. "So it hurts, body and soul, when I have to throw one away."

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BTS are currently working on a new album and look forward to performing in front of live, in-person audiences once the coronavirus pandemic is over.

"That feeling [of being onstage] is really the best thrill I probably get in life," Jin, 27, told WSJ. Magazine before seemingly referencing the concept of past lives and future lifetimes. "Even if I leave one day, I think I’ll be back for this."

The American Music Awards aired live from The Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles from 8-11 p.m. EST on ABC.

Due to the airborne transmission of COVID-19 and case spikes across the country, the CDC advises against indoor gatherings of large groups, and recommends six feet of distance and face coverings at all times.

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