Danny Dyer forced to smash wardrobe to escape after getting stuck inside

Danny Dyer had a DIY ­disaster after getting stuck in a wardrobe and smashing it up to escape.

The EastEnders actor got into bother when he climbed inside as he was building it and had to take drastic action to get out.

Danny, 43, said: "I built it the wrong way round and then I couldn't get out.

"So I just smashed through the pebble-dashed bit at the back."

Danny, who plays Mick Carter on the soap, shared the tale on his and daughter Dani's podcast Sorted With The Dyers.

He was trying to make the guest, comic Romesh Ranganathan, feel better after he said his wife Leesa had been moaning he wasn't handy around the house.

Dani and Danny launched their podcast last year, and it has brought some serious belly laughs for listeners as they address everything from celeb crushes to family drama.

If Danny isn't a fan of home decorating, he certainly won't be signing up for any home workouts anytime soon, as the actor previously knocked fitness guru Joe Wicks on the airwaves.

While he accepted the Body Coach was likely a lovely man, Danny branded Joe "f****** irritating" as he aired his views on health fanatics.

Ranting to Dani, he said: "This is going to be an unpopular opinion: Joe Wicks.

"I'm not going to be nasty about him. This man's heart is in the right place – but everything about him is so irritating.

"Maybe because I'm jealous of his body or his hair?

"I wouldn't want to have a one-on-one with him, like going to play snooker. I reckon he'd be s*** at it for one, and also how could you go for a meal with him?

"When you know he's looking at you with his side-eye."

Danny made it clear his issue was with the fitness industry in general, as he moaned about health gurus' tendency to dish out advice.

He finished: "Listen, Joe Wicks, I'm sure he's a lovely cat. But it's too much. Because everything that comes out of their mouth is about food and nutrition and staying 'healthy and positive' and all that sort of caper."

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