Demi Lovato Leaving Hospital, Recovering from Overdose

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again — Demi Lovato is lucky to be alive. While she was stabilized shortly after she allegedly overdosed last week, she remains hospitalized because she “wasn’t doing well over the weekend.”

“She came down with a fever and showed signs of an infection,” a source previously told PEOPLE. “She is currently being treated for issues that are very common after a drug overdose. She will need to stay in the hospital for a few more days, but is expected to make a full recovery.”

The complications were obviously a very scary bump in the 25-year-old’s road to recovery, but a source tells ET that she is “doing much better” now and will be able to leave the hospital at some point this week.

Roberto Ricciuti/Redferns

The insider explains, “Demi has been in the hospital for over a week because she needed to be monitored by a medical professional. During her time in the hospital, she became physically sick, and the doctors wanted to make sure they kept a close eye on her until they were certain she was fine to be released.”

Now the question remains — will Demi go home after she is released from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, or check herself into a rehab facility like her friends and family want?

Apparently, those closest to the “Sober” singer have given her an ultimatum — go get help or they’re done.

One person who works for DL tells TMZ that they will quit if she doesn’t to to rehab after being released.

“She could die if she doesn’t, and that’s not going to be on my watch that we did nothing.”

While Demi reportedly broke her sobriety months ago and resisted help when people offered it to her, she apparently was frightened enough by the alleged OD to know that she needs to do something to get her life back on track.

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