Drake Goes Meta with Star-Studded 'In My Feelings Video' and Gets to Yell at Viral Challenge Creator Shiggy

The video features cameos from “Queer Eye’s” Fab 5, Will Smith, Backpack Kid and the kids from “Stranger Things,” and stars La La Anthony as the infamous Keke.

There was really no Drake could make a music video for for "In My Feelings" without at least acknowledging the worldwide challenge it spawned. Thankfully, he went all in by including Shiggy and the challenge in the story.

The sprawling eight-minute clip kicks off with a hilarious scene of Drake trying to talk to Keke, played to perfection by "Power" star La La Anthony. "You ain’t trying to come to me like a man. And you too old to be on somebody’s front lawn acting like this," she chides him from her upstairs window.

But it got so much better when Phylicia Rashad came out as Keke’s mother and tore into him. "I want you to leave," she told him. "And don’t forget to go when you leave."

From there, the video turned into a fairly standard dance video, only it was Drake wandering through the streets of New Orleans as the crowds danced the viral dance Shiggy initially created last month. Among them in blink-and-you-might-miss-them cameos are the guys from "Queer Eye," the kids from "Stranger Things," Katy Perry’s "Backpack Kid" and even Will Smith.

Smith got a mention in the latter part of the video, which featured Drake waking up from a terrible nightmare.

"I just had a dream that I made some song about some girl," he said. "And then this kid from New York that spits when he talks all the time did some dance to it and then the world did the dance and Will Smith was there. Nobody would stop. It was terrible."

That was funny enough, but then Shiggy himself showed up as an over-eager PA trying to call Drake to the set, with the video closing out with some of the best and funniest clips from the "In My Feelings" challenge. The whole video is a clear love letter to the viral phenomenon that made the song a worldwide sensation.

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