Drake Prepares to Hit Back at Kanye West With ‘Thoughtful’ and ‘Well-Crafted’ Diss Song

Knowing ‘plenty of secrets’ about the Yeezy founder and his wife, the Canadian rapper reportedly ‘is going to take his time writing new material.’

Drake is apparently furious with Kanye West after the latter slammed him for not shutting down rumors of him hooking up with Kim Kardashian. The Canadian hip-hop superstar reportedly will release diss track in response to Kanye’s rant.

A source close to Drake tells HollywoodLife.com that he “is doing his best to practice restraint and bite his tongue right now. He does not want to lash out in anger and say the wrong thing about Kim or Kanye that he may regret later. But Drake cannot let Kanye’s words slide.”

Drake allegedly is ready to “go hard” and will release a diss track aimed at the Yeezy founder. Knowing “plenty of secrets” about the marriage couple, the “Hotline Bling” hitmaker reportedly “is going to take his time writing new material. He wants his response to be thoughtful and well-crafted… He is already plotting his revenge.”

Despite that, the so-called insider notes that Drake is actually happy that Kanye is “bothered” by “In My Feelings”. Kim was previously reported to be the mysterious Kiki on the song because her nickname is also Kiki. “He doesn’t believe all of Kanye’s claims about his baby and baby momma and is convinced Kanye is making up excuses and covering his butt,” the insider continues.

Kanye recently posted on Instagram a series of clips of him blasting Drake for keeping about his fling rumors with Kim. “People making rumors or thinking you f***ed my wife and you’re not saying nothing… That don’t sit well with my spirit,” he said.

“You know, if I had a girlfriend from Chicago, her name was Renita, and you was married to Rihanna, I wouldn’t make no song called Riri,” he added, referencing to Drake’s past relationship with the “We Found Love” singer. As fans have already known, Rihanna’s nickname is Riri. Kanye said, “Don’t make no record with nothing that could be confused.”

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