Elvis Presley: Linda Thompson shares Tarzan and Jane Graceland Jungle Room photos and MORE

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Elvis Presley had a number of serious relationships, including with Miss Tennessee Universe Linda Thompson. The young model dated The King from 1972 to 1976 after his separation and divorce from Priscilla Presley. And now the 70-year-old has shared some fascinating photos from inside Graceland when she lived with the star during that period.

Linda wrote on her Instagram account: “Flashback Friday to that year I helped Elvis re-decorate Graceland – deferring to his distinctive taste…

“The jungle room has become the most famous room at Graceland…

“I’m not sure why I was wearing a ‘me Jane, you Tarzan’ ensemble, but I guess that’s part of the reason the room got it’s name…”

The King’s former girlfriend shared a couple of pictures of herself in the Jungle Room dressed in the theme of the room, alongside a photo of Elvis smoking a cigar while driving her.

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Interestingly, Elvis never called the Jungle Room by its name despite purchasing the Polynesian-inspired furniture himself in 1974 because it reminded him of Hawaii.

Instead, The King simply called the room “the den”, which is also the room in which he recorded his final studio album Moody Blue in 1976 and 1977.

Linda continued: “Elvis loved the color red, dramatic flair & the unusual.

“I designed the stained glass peacocks & other stained glass effects that remain there still. Great rarified memories ….”

According to the official Graceland website: “The stained-glass peacock panels between the Living Room and Music Room, as well as the stained glass around the front door and the stained-glass fixtures over the pool table in the basement were added to Graceland in October 1974.

“The work was done for Elvis by Laukhuff Stained Glass Company of Memphis for the cost of $9,345.”

Other Graceland photos she shared included rooms showing off The King’s love of red, as seen on the drapes, furniture and more.

Plus also ones of her cooking in Graceland’s kitchen and relaxing in the TV room and a snap of the famous pool room where the rip in the table’s covering Elvis made is there to this day.

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Earlier this year, Linda gave an interview where she shared some less well-known facts about Elvis.

She told Reel Talker: “He was an incredible human being, very generous – generous to a fault.”

The King’s ex then pointed out that Elvis was a twin, with his identical brother Jesse Garon Presley being stillborn 35 minutes before him on January 8, 1935.

The 70-year-old then went on to confirm the rumour that Elvis did in fact have webbed toes.

Linda shared: “He had twin toes, which meant that his second toe from the big toe and the third toe were conjoined up to what would be the knuckle.

“And I used to tease him a lot about having webbed toes! So he had twin toes. That’s something most people don’t know.”

Asked if Elvis used gel for his incredible hair, Linda replied: “Not really. [He would use] hair spray and hair dye.

“He was more a natural blonde, a dirty blonde. He died his hair black for drama.”

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