Fergie’s Soon-To-Be-Ex Details Conversation After National Anthem Rendition

Fergie’s soon to be ex-husband Josh Duhamel details the conversation he had with the singer after her infamous National Anthem performance.

The actor is standing by his soon to be ex-wife, especially in her time of need. Although there were photos of Duhamel taking Fergie flowers they day after her disastrous performance, he is now opening up about what he said to her that day.

“I was on my way back from the airport when I heard. So, I saw it when I got home. I felt, I mean I’ve seen the girl sing it several times, Daytona 500, Patriots, Dolphins home opener and she crushes the song, so I was surprised to see she tried what she did. But more than that, I just felt bad for her. There’s an army of trolls out there who are just ready to pounce and they were not nice. And for that, I feel bad but she’s a really tough girl,” Duhamel told US Weekly as he promotes his new film Love, Simon.

Although the 45-year-old hunk and the 42-year-old singer are getting a divorce, they are still co-parents to son Axel. Plus, they are both adamant there is still a lot of love between them and they are still the best of friends. Based on Duhamel’s reaction and support of Fergie after her National Anthem blunder at the NBA All-Star Game it is clear they are still close.

“It’s not easy. Someone you care about getting hammered like that is not easy. And I wanted to defend her, too. I wanted to pull the tapes out from Daytona 500, like, ‘Look at this! She’s really good at singing this song!’ But I was like, ‘I gotta just stay out of this. It’s that protective thing in you, but she’s doing great,” he added to the magazine.

Josh Duhamel is standing up for his baby mama Fergie against the haters. Despite going their separate ways, he continues to support her. Even while promoting his own film, he is still talking up her new album and her amazing talent. It is nice to see two exes be so friendly and loving after a divorce, especially when there is a child involved.

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