Harry Styles Stresses Importance Not to Force Lizzo Collaboration

Both the ‘Lights Up’ singer and the ‘Truth Hurts’ hitmaker have expressed admiration for each other, but he sets the record straight on talks about their potential duet.

AceShowbizHarry Styles doesn’t want to “force” a collaboration with Lizzo, despite his love for the U.S. star’s music.

The “Lights Up” hitmaker and the “Truth Hurts” singer have both expressed admiration for each other and delighted fans by cementing their friendship by laughing and joking together at last month’s (February) BRIT Awards.

However, Harry says speculation about a potential duet may be a little premature, as he wants to wait for the right song to come along.

“It’s kind of one of those things where any time two people say they like each other’s stuff, everybody goes, ‘oh you should collaborate,'” the 26-year-old tells New Zealand’s “The Project” TV show.

“I’m a really big fan of hers and if there was a time when something made sense and we wanted to do something together that would be amazing, but I think it’s probably important not to force stuff together.”

In the interview Styles also said he wants to host TV shows as well as make new music – and is willing to give host “The Project” when he visits the country on tour in November.

“I’m big into the hosting now and I’m trying to add another string to my bow,” the British musician adds. “So yeah, if you’d have me that would be wonderful.”

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