Iggy Azalea Says Pal Demi Lovato's Honesty Is a Difficult 'Tightrope for Her to Walk'

Iggy Azalea will always have her pal Demi Lovato‘s back.

Shortly after Lovato revealed she had broken her sobriety in her new single “Sober,” Azalea announced that she was “proud” of her friend for her honesty and admitted she had known about the relapse before the news went public.

“She needs her privacy, and it’s this funny tightrope for her to walk because she is so vulnerable and honest, and she touches so many people with her honesty and her openness, so I don’t know how she’ll continue this,” Azalea said on PEOPLE Now Wednesday morning about the 26-year-old singer’s recent overdose. “I know she’ll find a way to share this story and turn it into something positive that other people can take from.”

Azalea previously opened up about her own mental health during a candid interview with Billboard in March, where she revealed she used Lovato’s life and career as an inspiration of how positive the outcome could be after addressing her own mental health issues.

“Just be okay with whatever it is if you’re feeling down,” said the “Kream” rapper, 28. “Just kind of be alright with feeling those emotions, and eventually they just change on their own, but you just have to get back to whatever your daily routine is of life.”

“You kind of never feel better until you just go out and force yourself to do it, so that was how it worked for me,” she added.

Azalea decided to pump the brakes on her career after a very public and humiliating split from professional basketball player Nick Young — whom she caught cheating in their home via surveillance camera — but she is now feeling ready to get back in the game with a man who understands her professional obligations.

“Sometimes people can really like you, but they don’t necessarily like all that attention or things that come with that, [and] once everybody else finds out about it, it just puts added pressure,” she said about her experiences of dating in the spotlight.

She continues, “It’s been tough for me because I wanted to expand my dating horizons, but then I’ve started to realize that, I don’t know, normal people think that they can deal with the craziness that is like my tornado life, but then, in reality, it doesn’t really work.”

So what exactly is she looking for in a man?

“Gotta be able to put out a fire. It’s number one on my list, or just able to deal with a lot of pressure,” she said. “He has to be a free thinker and can’t worry about what other people think.”

Azalea’s new EP Survive the Summer is available for download and purchase now.

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