Jeremih Says He’s ‘Disappointed’ at Fans Who Attend Teyana Taylor’s Shows

Even though he admits that he’s disappointed, the singer says that he ‘must move forward.’

R&B singer Jeremih is “disappointed” for fans who purchased tickets to his joint tour with Teyana Taylor after she reportedly had him booted from the line-up.

The two artists kicked off the Later That Night Tour earlier this month, but on Wednesday, August 15, Teyana abruptly announced she was no longer willing to put up with the alleged disrespect and mistreatment she had received from Jeremih, and was quitting the shows, which were due to run until early September.

She set about planning her own gigs for the same schedule, before it was revealed that she would be taking over as the headliner of the Later That Night Tour, which was being renamed after her recent K.T.S.E. album, and would no longer feature Jeremih. Support act Dani Leigh remained on the bill.

The Birthday Sex singer has since taken to Twitter to address the whole controversy, insisting he holds no grudges, and is simply saddened for those who paid to see him perform, too.

“While I am extremely p**sed about the disrespectful comments & name calling that has been made, I hold no resentment or vengeance in my heart,” he wrote. “I am more disappointed for OUR fans.. nonetheless I must move forward but I wish Teyana & Dani nothing but the best.”

Meanwhile, video footage has emerged of Teyana falling offstage during an earlier gig at the PlayStation Theater in her native New York. The clip, obtained by, features the singer losing her footing as she dances during her energetic performance on 13 August, but she barely misses a beat as she continues to sing before bouncing back from the mishap.

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