John Lennon was planning a big family reunion in Merseyside before his death

John Lennon was planning a big family reunion ahead of his untimely death December 8 1980.

One of his younger sisters Julia Baird has spoken out about The Beatles icon in a chat with The Liverpool Echo's Beatles City podcast.

John was talking of coming from from the US ahead of his death, and according to Julia, the music legend who was 40 years old when he died, was hoping to get all of his family together.

Lennon had wanted his family to all meet up in Rock Ferry at Ardmore, a house that been in the family for decades.

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Julia said: "Obviously, we were all waiting for him to come home. And John said in November, 'There are so many of you we will all have to get together at Ardmore. So we were going to meet in that house."

Julia, who is an investor in the famous The Cavern club where The Beatles would regularly perform in their early days.

She says her involvement in the iconic music venue has kept all of the siblings close.

"I don't imagine him here. I just think, to me, John is an integral part of the Cavern.

"I don't believe in ghosts or anything so for me he's imbued in it, rather than walking around in it. And that's the picture that reminds me this place is as much John's as it is ours."

Lennon was shot by Mark David Chapman in New York City, as himself and Yoko Ono were walking to their Manhattan apartment, after exiting a limousine.

John was shot four times in the back at close range. He was pronounced dead upon arrival at Roosevelt Hospital at approximately 11pm.

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