The greats of all genres come together with their promising offspring for “ICONS: The First Families of Music” magazine spread.

Some of the greatest musical icons of genres ranging from rock to pop to rap rounded up their children for an epic spread in the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar.

The "ICONS: The First Families of Music" spread features music royalty and their children. With Bruce Springsteen and his daughter Jessica gracing the cover, this year’s portfolio is comprised of Kanye West holding North and Saint — who landed the subscriber cover — Christina Aguilera with her son and daughter, Lionel and Nicole Richie, Mariah Carey with her twins, Billie Idol and Bonnie Blue Broad, Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson, Steven and Liv Tyler, Erykah Badu with her daughters, and Theodora and Alexandra Richards.

Harper’s Bazaar creative director Carine Roitfeld said, "I’m a very family-oriented person, so I wanted to meet the families of some of my biggest music idols. It was amazing to see that some of the industry’s most ground breaking rockstars have a sense of tenderness with their loved ones, even if they are adults."

In the issue, which hits newsstands Aug 21, Bruce Springsteen says the best advice he’s ever given his daughter is to "keep your focus on what you really care about."

Jessica Springsteen adds, "Family is everything to me. Whenever I have time off, the first thing I do is go home to see everyone. It’s what makes me the happiest."

Kanye West on his hopes for his children: "I hope my children never lose their confidence to society."

Christina Aguilera on motherhood: "I love being mama bear and providing support, strength and a safe haven to my babies and loved ones, knowing that, above all else, it’s the most important job I have."

Lionel Richie’s wishes for his children: "I wish for my kids to discover who they are and explore their passions to the fullest."

Nicole Richie’s similarity to her dad: "My dad and I will do anything for a laugh. If that means we’re the butt of the joke, so be it. In a nutshell, we’re desperate show ponies."

Theodora Richards on the Richards family: "We are a traveling band of gypsies, this bunch. With everyone’s crazy lives, it makes for great stories around the fireplace. Music, dancing and laughter fill our home, and we make it so we’re never apart for too long."

Alexandra Richards on family: "Family to me is not just blood; it’s a unity of powerful love and compassion for one another; it’s about respecting and trusting one another."

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