Katie Holmes Dishes About Dawson’s Creek: Is A Reunion Happening?

Katie Holmes recently dished about her Dawson’s Creek costars and gave fans a lot of hope there may be a reunion happening. However, don’t expect to see the clan back in Capeside anytime soon.

According to US Magazine, During an appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, Holmes opened up about her time on the cult series. Plus, she expressed how she felt about all her fellow cast members even now 20-years later. The actress shared the cast is reuniting soon, which has fans hoping she is talking about a Dawson’s Creek reunion.

#tbt when we were filming the pilot for #dawsonscreek it was such a magical time and I am forever grateful to all who were involved and all of our fans ? @kevwilliamson @vanderjames ? by @thereal_marymargarethumes ?

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The topic of a Dawson’s Creek reunion, revival, and reboot has all been thrown around in the past couple of years. Sadly, the entire cast, as well as show creator Kevin Williamson, has been pretty adamant there will be no revisiting Dawson, Pacey, Joey, and Jen. Well, the later passed away in the series finale, but they could still reminisce about her.

As Holmes shared her audition story for the hit WB show, she revealed she would be reuniting with some of the cast soon. Now, she didn’t go into detail about who she would be meeting up with but she did reveal to Jimmy Fallon she does see all the cast from time to time. They are all very busy with separate lives but do stay in touch on social media. When James Van Der Beek shared he was expecting baby number five, Holmes responded with the comment “Wow! Congratulations!!!!”

It has been almost 15-years since fans had to say goodbye to the Capeside crew but that has not stopped them from hoping for a reunion. Unfortunately, it appears fans will have to settle for mini cast reunions on social media. As Katie Holmes mentioned in the interview she is reuniting with her cast members soon. Hopefully, they will all show their fans some love and post some pics. Until then, there are plenty of throwback photos from the cast members that are on social media, so you can get all nostalgic for the 1990’s again.

Katie Holmes comments recently sparked hope a Dawson’s Creek reunion was happening but those hopes have been squashed. Is it time fans gave up wishing for the gang to get back together?

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