Katie Price Mucky Mansion now after transformation sparked by £1m loss in value

Katie Price discovered that her home had lost £1 million in value in January after the mansion fell into disrepair and plunged in value.

Channel 4 series Katie Price’s Mucky Mansion previously revealed the loss in value during a three-part series that followed the former glamour model's attempts to restore the mansion to its former glory.

Katie shares the home with her partner Carl Woods as well as four of her five children, Junior, Princess, Jett and Bunny. But before the renovations, conditions in the mansion were supposedly so poor that her kids were refusing to live there.

At the end of the series, Katie said she was pleased with the transformation of her home, she said: "In the past, this place has been called the Mucky Mansion, but it's not that anymore, it's now my happy home."

So several months on from the end of the series, what does Katie's mansion look like now and is it really no longer mucky?

What did Katie Price's mansion look like?

Katie purchased her 19-room Sussex mansion in 2014 for a reported £1.3 million. The property features 11 bedrooms and 10 acres of land.

But the mansion had since fallen into disrepair due to neglect, fly-tipping, fires, floods and burglaries.

Katie revealed that the mansion had been victim to three burglaries in total and that the third break-in had happened in 2021.

The kitchen was destroyed during the break-in. Trespassers left taps on upstairs which led to a leak that caused massive water damage in the kitchen.

In 2018 a fire started in Katie’s son Jett’s room that had been caused by scented candles. In 2020 there was another fire after the caretaker had built a bonfire close to the property.

Since she moved out of the property in 2020 the land around the mansion has also fallen victim to fly-tippers.

What does the mucky mansion look like now?

Following renovations, Katie has truly transformed her home, while maintaining her own style.

The entryway now features a neon sign that says “Welcome to PriceyWoods” in reference to her and her fiancé’s surnames. It also features a pink lipstick sofa, a large wavy mirror and pink dog sculptures.

Her previously vandalised kitchen is now a sleek space featuring modern white cabinets and stainless steel appliances.

The living area now feels like a home with plush sofas and decorations including elegant mirrors and a large pink rug.

14-year-old Princess ’s room was transformed into a pink wonderland featuring a large plush pink bed and a pink neon sign.

Price’s youngest son, Jett, had his room transformed into a jungle paradise with a raised bed, fake foliage and an orange neon sign.

In February, Katie hinted that her renovation show may be coming back for a second series but there has been no confirmations yet.

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