Kendrick Lamar's Guest Verses Can Cost Up to $400,000

Kendrick Lamar is seen by many as the heir apparent to the brand of hip hop that his mentor Dr. Dre helped pioneer two decades earlier. Now, he’s one of the biggest names in the industry, thanks to several hit albums, a Pulitzer, and a new generation of rappers looking at him for guidance. However, if you want him on a song, it might take a toll on your wallet. 

Introducing Kendrick Lamar

Lamar’s success stems mainly from his personal projects, but his work as a guest vocalist helps appeal to a broader audience. With his work with Dre and Eminem and genre-bending appearances on songs by Imagine Dragons, Lamar isn’t afraid to stretch himself in the name of a remarkable feature. It’s the natural transition to a rapper with such humble origins.

Lamar began recording music with his friends in 2003 when he was still a teenager. After several years and mixtapes, he finally received validation as a member of XXL’s 2011 freshman class. Over the next three years, Lamar released a hit album, several hit singles, and became one of the biggest names in a genre looking for a new torch-bearer. Everything was going his way. 

He won countless Grammys on top of several other prestigious music awards. However, in 2018, he changed the artistic game forever when he earned a Pulitzer Prize for his iconic album Damn. According to the New York Times, Lamar was the first rapper to win the honor, and it shows the level that he’s risen to since his 2011 entry into the national conversation. 

Featuring: Kendrick Lamar

Lamar was a favorite guest vocalist from his early days. His ability to take on different personas and rap about everything, from his struggles growing up to the comedic wordplay he often made up on the spot, made him a hot hip-hop commodity. According to Complex, Lamar raked in at least $400,000 for a feature despite his relative newness in the world of hip hop.

Lamar’s direct relationship with Dre, Eminem, and other elder statesmen of the world gave him a leg up on the competition. Furthermore, while rap started moving toward a popper sound, Lamar managed to keep the classic hip hop boat afloat while also working in contemporary tropes. He was the type of rapper that purists and casuals could both get behind. 

Now, eight years later, one can only imagine that Lamar gets more for his voice.

Kendrick Lamar’s net worth

Kendrick Lamar climbed the ladder as quickly as the hip-hop world had ever seen. While many take years to reach a fraction of his influence, he broke barriers and became a name, entrepreneur, and commercial enterprise all in one. Perhaps, this explains his high price on songs. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Lamar is worth around $75 million. 

At just 34 years old, the rapper streamlined his ascent and now stands tall among some of the biggest names in the genre. Lamar not only raps but produces music for his colleagues. His songs are used to sell some of the biggest products in the world and advertise major studio motion picture events. 

This all came to a full head when the rapper appeared alongside his mentors at the 2022 Super Bowl Halftime Show. There, he reached a brand new audience while securing his legacy as a household name on a stage that many of the biggest stars in history have performed on. After that, his asking price may be higher than it ever was before. 

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