Lucie Silvas Debuts Music Video for 'Liberating' New Single 'Kite': Watch It Here

Much like the Frankenstein-esque alter ego we meet in her new video, Lucie Silvas is on the rise — and can’t be contained.

The musician’s single “Kite” examines establishing independence within a relationship, a theme that was important for Silvas to explore in the song’s music video, premiering exclusively on PEOPLE.

“I knew ‘Kite’ would be that first song people would hear from E.G.O.,” Silvas tells PEOPLE about the debut single from her upcoming album. “As a song, it felt liberating, fun and exciting to write, and I wanted the video to reflect that.”

And so it does, with Silvas playing the role of a man-made creature who eventually overtakes her creator.

“The man creates a woman who is going to be everything he needs her to be — to idolize him and also bend to his will and obey every move — and ultimately she becomes stronger than him and breaks away,” Silvas, 40, says of the inspiration behind the video. “He doesn’t realize that he can’t keep her spirit contained. On a larger scale, ‘Kite’ as a song talks about that very thing — being independent — and the partner you’re with is gonna find themselves in an impossible position if they want someone they have to control.”

The process of making the album ties into the theme of the clip as well, Silvas — who’s married to Brothers Osborne‘s John Osborne — explains.

“Conceptually, I wanted the video to reflect that the strings were off for this album. No one was controlling it behind the scenes, nothing was holding us back from saying everything we wanted to say the way we wanted to say it, and nothing was stopping us from having it sound the way we wanted it to, even if it didn’t fit into one genre,” she says.

“In a way, it was terrifying — more so freeing — to say, ‘These are my words, this is the music I feel passionate about making,’” she adds. “Our team was dedicated to bringing that to life in the video.”

The group worked fast, filming the entire video — effects included — in five hours for less than $6,000. Band member Jarrad K directed the clip, working off a treatment he co-wrote with Silvas.

“The video was such a team effort, with a crew of only nine filming it in Nashville … and nine includes me and Jarrad,” Silvas tells PEOPLE of the simple production.

The shoot was not without its moments, however.

“Doing the Elvis moves in that dress was challenging! I’ve never danced or moved like that in a video,” Silvas explains. “We had an amazing choreographer and it was such an important element, but this was my first time doing something like this.”

A wardrobe change was required as well — at least in the footwear department. “I had to change my boots five times because I couldn’t walk in the huge high heels!” admits Silvas. “I kept tripping over myself.”

Having opened for Chris Stapleton, Little Big Town and Miranda Lambert in the past, Silvas is now eagerly anticipating a string of her own tour dates — as well as the release of   E.G.O. (Everybody Gets Off), due out on Aug. 24.

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