Of all the songs on the new album, track ‘Dunno’ appears to be uniquely directed at Ariana as it finds him seemingly rapping about how he misses her.

Mac Miller released his fifth album “Swimming” on Friday, August 3, just three months after he ended his relationship with Ariana Grande. Given the fact that they recently broke up, it was already expected that the album is full of heartbreaking lyrics.

The rapper isn’t shy to deliver lines about his ex-girlfriend on the new album at all. For instance, he references Ariana’s famous Celine Dion impersonation on track “What’s the Use?” He raps, “Time don’t waste much, f**k when we wake up/ Then have her sing just like Celine Dion/ Catch me if you can, but you never catch me damn.”

He then seemingly refers to the pop princess again on track “Perfecto”, which finds him spitting lines about overcoming his addiction. “Even though the only thing that she driving a hard bargain/ More important is I’m kinda sorta out of the door but,” he rhymes. “She put me back together when I’m out of order.” As fans of the former couple may recall, Ariana alluded to helping him overcome his addictions after their breakup.

Of all the songs on “Swimming”, track “Dunno” seems uniquely directed at Ariana. The song features him seemingly rapping about how he misses the songstress. “I wanna see them lips, kiss ’em ear to ear/ I wanna hear your song, ooh, I wanna feel how you feel,” he raps. “Touch it one more time so I know you’re real/ We could spin that wheel, wouldn’t you rather get along?”

Mac and Ariana broke up in May after two years of dating. He recently talked about his split in an interview with Rolling Stones. When asked whether he plans to date someone new “anytime soon,” he said, “Hell no! Bro, I’m not about to be in another relationship. I’m chilling. I can barely take care of my dog.”

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