Nicki Minaj Sued for $200 Million for Allegedly Ripping Off Song ‘Rich Sex’

The ‘Anaconda’ hitmaker is facing a new copyright infringement lawsuit with the plaintiff accusing the star of copycat and seeking multi million dollars in compensation.

AceShowbiz -Rapper Nicki Minaj is starting the New Year with a new lawsuit over her 2018 song “Rich Sex”.

Jawara Headley, who goes by the rap name Brinx Billions, has filed a $200 million (£148 million) suit against the hip-hop superstar, claiming the single, which features Lil Wayne, is a rip off of a track he first played for her before 2016.

In legal papers obtained by TMZ, he alleges he’s been friendly with Nicki since 2007 when they connected over social media site MySpace, and when he debuted his version of “Rich Sex” for her, the “Super Bass” star declared it had the potential to become a mega hit.

However, he was shocked when he heard Nicki’s take on the tune, which featured the same title and appeared on her album “Queen”, and he alleges the musical notes, arrangement, beats, and rhythm are all incredibly similar to his own work.

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He is also highlighting specific lyrics Nicki is accused of lifting, including the line, “It ain’t such a thing as broke and handsome…”

Now he is demanding compensation for the single as the sole creator of the track.

In addition to Nicki, he is also suing her label officials at Universal Music Group, Young Money Entertainment, and Cash Money Records.

The defendants have yet to comment on the legal action.

The lawsuit came after Nicki Minaj was cleared of copyright infringement against singer Tracy Chapman. She was sued after New York DJ Funkmaster Flex leaked the song “Sorry”, which contained a sample of Chapman’s 1988 track “Baby Can I Hold You”. It was supposed to be on her album but eventually scrapped due to clearance issues.

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