One Direction Secret Song Code Reveals Solo Track Title Similarities

Directioners, prepare to have your minds BLOWN!

One Direction stan @badharrold took to Twitter to point out the EERIE coincidences between 1D song titles and the songs the guys’ have released as solo artists since their so-called hiatus, and it might be one of the craziest things we’ve ever seen…

One Direction: You And I
Niall Horan: You And Me

One Direction: Hey Angel
One Direction: Only Angel

One Direction: Back For You
Louis Tomlinson: Back To You

One Direction: I Would
ZAYN: Like I Would

— maryam? (@badharrold) August 5, 2018

Obviously, “Only Angel” is mean to be listed as Harry Styles‘ solo track, which means literally EVERY 1D member has a song name that mirrors a 1D song. Other 1D fans took the opportunity to point out other 1D song vs. solo song similarities, thus, our favorite conspiracy theory ever was born:

One Direction: kiss you
Louis Tomlinson: Miss You

— Saahil Mehta (@SaahilMehta13) August 7, 2018

— LamarQadhi ◟̽◞̽ (@LamarQadhi) August 7, 2018

So what exactly does this “secret song code” even mean? Is it just one series of crazy coincidences? Have the guys’ producers crafted some kind of ingenious, subliminal messaging system to keep fans feeling “familiar” with the guys in their post-1D solo careers? OR, is this all part of some master plan that all of the guys are in on — including Zayn Malik?! (TBH, as long as it culminates in the reunion tour and album we’ve all been waiting for, we’re fine with any of the above explanations.)

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