Report: Beyonce and Jay-Z Give Away Tickets for Free as They Struggle to Fill Empty Seats on Tour

Some Twitter users reveal that they were given tickets for free ahead of their Glasgow concert due to low sales and some fans claim they got VIP upgrades for free.

Is Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z‘s “On the Run II” tour in trouble? The high-profile couple reportedly failed to attract concertgoers to their gig. Some Twitter users revealed the pair’s camp gave away tickets for free in a car park ahead of their Glasgow concert as they struggled to fill empty seats.

“If you are near Hampden Park go to the main parking lot they are giving out free tickets for the Beyonce & Jay Z concert because of empty seats,” one wrote on Twitter. “They knew the concert wasn’t going to sell out and already had curtains set up before the show to cover the empty sections,” another claimed.

“Met Beyonce’s security in work and he’s offered me free tickets for tonight,” a similar tweet read. Some fans even claimed that they were offered VIP upgrades for free.

This is surprising since the couple’s first “On the Run” tour became the fifth highest grossing tour of 2014 in Pollstar’s annual highest grossing tours chart, with a total revenue of $109.7 million. The tour also had a total attendance of 979,781 and an average attendance of 57,634 per city.

Still, the low sales is not entirely impossible, since some concertgoers have been complaining about Beyonce and Jay’s latest joint tour because they feel there’s nothing new. “Beyonce’s dancers are wearing the same outfits from Formation on this #OTRII tour. All they did was take the lil neckpiece off and ya’ll I am HOLLERING. Even Beyonce don’t give a s**t about Operation Rehabilitate Jay-Z’s Image,” one disappointed fan said.

Another concertgoer suggested that Beyonce recycled the setlist from her Coachella performance back in April. “that setlist was so terrible. Beyonce must really think her fans are fools if she think we gonna be content with seeing THE EXACT SAME SHOW with uglier outfits,” the angry fan wrote. “I’ll prob be getting my money back…she f***ing tried it.”

The “On the Run II” tour, which kicked off on June 6, will go through October 4 and includes stops in London, Berlin and Paris, before moving to North America.

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